Having someone like me in your corner
is like having your own personal graphic artist.
I have over 12 years of experience in multiple
fields of graphic arts. Including the printing
industry, not just graphics but also running a
printing press. As well as being the leading
graphic artist for a promotional products
company. That means I know exactly what most
suppliers require. Chances are I have created
art to be sent to those same suppliers.
In fact the art I have created has been used in
laser engraving, mechanical engraving,
embroidery, silk screening, printing, sand
blasting...Well you get the idea.
From the big guy to the little guy I guarantee you I treat
them not just like customers but like friends.
To see some of my past custom work
and samples of logo clean-up just
head on over to the custom art page
by clicking on the custom art tab
to the left.